Fresh casino holiday in our restaurant

On Sunday, a large-scale celebration took place, which was organized by Fresh casino in our restaurant. We are glad that our guests have appreciated our Italian cuisine at its true worth.

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Fresh Casino employees who came to us to celebrate the company's birthday have made their personal rating of dishes in our establishment. Let's tell you what they especially appreciated.

However, there are a few dishes that are a must-try! Whether you have them at your favourite Italian restaurant (read: Antipazzo) or cook them at your home, you’ll feel right in Italy. 


It shouldn’t be a surprise to see pizza at the top of the list. Sure, you can get pizza from some local pizza parlors in your town, but that will never be as perfect as an authentic Italian pizza. The use of olive oil and fresh vegetables can make your pizza go from a 0 to a 10. 

Pizza Napoletana is the most renowned pizza in Italy. So be sure to have a go at it whenever you can. While it may seem simple with cheese and tomatoes, the taste will never leave your tongue. 


Pasta is also one of the hallmark dishes of Italy. Lasagne is one of them and a top favourite in most Canadian households. The kids love it; the adults love it – it’s for everyone. However, the beef lasagne, also known as Lasagne al Forno, is the most mouth-watering of them all. 

Antipazzo has its specialty in beef lasagne, and you’ll never realize when you switched from a restaurant to heaven while eating it. Served best with a glass of red wine, you might even start speaking Italian words. 


While steak may seem like an American thing, it’s not. Italians know how to cook steak with the best possible sauce and flavours. If you’re looking to try an Italian steak, try to have Fiorentina steak. The thick steak and the smell of herbs with sizzling sides will never be able to leave your memories. 

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Risotto is an extremely hard dish to make. One wrong step and your entire risotto will have to go to waste. This is why if you dare make it at home, try to use a little extra bit of caution. With rice, chicken broth, and wine, your day is bound to get better.

Among the million types of risotto, try to begin with a simple recipe with cheese. Once you know your way around it, try your hand at a mushroom risotto. They’re the top demand at most Italian restaurants. 

If you don’t want to put in the effort, you could also choose to go to your favourite restaurant. It’s always worth the price. 


A polenta looks simple and plain. But the aroma of the dish combined with the happy colour of yellow, your day is bound to get better. If you’re someone whose trademark is healthy food, this dish is for you. 

It’s simple with no other ingredient other than cornmeal. However, the process, the garnish, and the seasoning will more than enlighten your dish. It’s the perfect dish to impress a date with too!

Italian cuisine is much more than cheese and dough. Even though all dishes may seem to be a variety of these 2 ingredients, the taste will differ by huge margins. No matter the weather or the place, the flavours will always take you to Italy. Or you can try slots dedicated to italy in a fresh casino along with our takeaway.